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Shri. Narendra Modiji,
P.M. of India, New Delhi,

Subject – Drug Free India Movement

Dear Sir,

I/We request you to launch Drug Free India Movement to save crores of youngsters from Tobacco, Gutkha, Alcohol and all other Drugs.

The Central and each State Govt. must stop the production and sale of Tobacco and Alcohol completely within 10 years. You are requested to take all the necessary step in the interest of Healthy, Rich, Peaceful and Prosperous India. Every year 10% production & sale of alcohol and tobacco can be stopped.

Every driver driving a vehicle on any road should be medically examined and if he or she is found to be drunk or taken drug, strong legal action should be taken against him or her. For this, necessary law and machinery should be immediately launched.

All Govt. and Semi Govt. employees should be compelled to live Drug Free Life. If required they should be sent for treatment in De-addiction Centre.

If any Govt. employee or elected representative of people, is found involved in the production & sale of drugs, he should be immediately sacked out, by making necessary law.

In every school & college, Drug Abuse Preventive Education be launched / given from 8th standard onwards. All necessary steps should be taken for this.

A special police force should be created to fight against Drug, along with clear and strong law. It is requested to take all the necessary steps for this. Every Indian will strongly support you for this mission.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

Signed :