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Addiction: Frequently Asked Questions

You ask questions and we'll try to provide answers. Here are some questions people have been asking us. If you don't see a question listed below, or need more explanation or clarification, send us an email. We'll be glad to provide an answer.

What are the common misunderstandings about addiction?

  1. Addicts are bad, misbehaved, lazy or useless people
  2. Addicts should not be treated unless they are violent or fall in gutters and create problems in social setting
  3. People who do not abuse/drink continuously, that is throughout the day, don't have a problem
  4. People who are into substance abuse can be left alone if they earn well and work well
  5. Alcohol, ganja are used in festivals, while cough syrups etc. are medicines, therefore they can be consumed without any harm
  6. Alcohol improves appetite and sexual libido
  7. Smoking filtered cigarette and drinking foreign liquor is fashionable and an occupational etiquette

Is hospitalization always necessary?

Only if the person has a previous history of seizure, delirium or any such complications. Addicts require compulsory hospital admission for physical sickness such as blood pressure, liver or heart related complications.

What is recovery?

A person is on the recovery path when he abstains from or stops the use of addictive substance completely, examines and improves self-thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns; that is he tries to make reasonable changes in his lifestyle. The recovered addict also starts rehabilitating himself in family, job, education and career. He also takes efforts in learning ways to cope with free time, money and relationships, that is channelling energies into positive ways.