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At Jalgaon (Maharashtra) Admissions are made on Everyday between 09 am and 09 pm. But at our Jabalpur (M.P.) center admissions are made from 10 am to 5 pm only and The non refundable admission fee for the 5 week treatment duration towards the Provisions is Rs. 12,000/- in Jalgaon centre and Rs.15,000/- in Jabalpur centre with effect from April 01, 2014. This is applicable to both Male & Female sections. This amount is to be paid in cash at the time of admission. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Charges for medicines or pathological tests prescribed by the Doctor will have to be paid extra.

At the center, psychological treatment is given to the patient. Besides his detoxification and de-addiction treatment, if he/she falls sick due to any other illness, then parents and guardians are responsible for his/her extra treatment. During the 5 weeks indoor treatment, the patients have to follow all the rules and regulations very strictly. On completion of 5 weeks, the patient is discharged. That is on the SUNDAY of the fifth week after admission date. During 5 weeks, the patient is NOT allowed to make or receive phone calls. No one is allowed to meet the patient at any day.